Furnace Repair Services in Citrus Heights

Portrait yourself waking up chilled out in frosty weather. You get up and find out the furnace is not operating! Worry out! Our furnace repair services in Citrus Heights are remarkably helpful in these sorts of circumstances. Rather than chilling in cold, calling the mobile home furnace repair facility is the best way to deal with the problem. Despite age, every furnace model shows fault if not now then maybe later, but only maintaining frequently will eradicate the forthcoming glitches. 

Electric Furnace Repair

Electric furnaces are more in use these days than simple gas furnaces. Although electric furnace repair costs and billing rates are much efficient than a gas furnace, they are slower in heating the house. On the other hand, the installation is quicker than the typical gas counterpart. If you have an electric furnace in your place and it is showing some faults or is it you want to install a brand-new furnace in your place? then you are in the right hands.

Some of the common problems that an electric furnace faces are given below:

  • Wrong Fuse

  • Faulty Starting Capacitor

  • Bad Blower Motor

  • Electric Furnace Thermostat

  • Short Circuit

Wrong Fuse

The wrong fuse might be a problem behind the fact your electric furnace not working properly or not working at all. Is it a less-than-qualified person who has served your furnace previously? It is possible that they put a non-compatible fuse in the furnace, our furnace servicing in Citrus Heights will immediately detect the problem.

Faulty Starting Capacitor

The starting capacitor is the main element that ignites the flame when you turn on the furnace. If it is not working at all, then local furnace repair in Citrus Heights will eliminate the problem right away!

Bad Blower Motor

Blower motor problem is quite common in the electric furnace. The furnace repair services in Citrus Heights treats the same problem every often! If your furnace is turning on, heating up but there is no air blow, then the culprit is the bad blower motor. Trane blower motor replacement is the best way to beat the cause! The typical furnace motor replacement cost is in-expensive so you can have the service without any obstacle.

Electric Furnace Thermostat

The thermostat plays a key role in sustaining the best temperature in the place. If the thermostat faces faults then the temperature will continuously increase or decrease due to the continuous working of the furnace. The thermostat manages the working of the HVAC system. If you are experiencing the same, consult emergency furnace repair services immediately to abolish the culprit.  

Short Circuit

The short circuit is another common problem that an electric furnace face. The causes for a short circuit might be water impact, technical issues, wiring collide, etc. If your furnace is not turning on, then this can be the fault! We provide carrier furnace repair services in an economical frame to solve your problems. Also, our furnace repair cost in Citrus Heights is the most economical!

Water Impact

Check any water leakage near or direct to your electric furnace. Mostly the furnaces are placed in stores/basements where there are rain leaks or damp walls, that sneak into the system. A normal furnace repair company does the job in a whole or two days, but Fixurs offers to do even more efficiently in a couple of hours truly because of professionality and skills.

Gas Furnace Repair

The gas furnace is popular for its healing effect in the house but the gas furnace repair services, upfront, and installation cost is a bit pricier than that of electric ones. Despite the age, they consist of basic methods on that operate, thus for a professional technician repairing their faults will not be a problem.

Some of the common issues that a gas furnace faces are given below:

  • No Maintenance

  • Boiler Leak Issue

  • Broken Heat Exchanger

  • Pilot Control Problems

  • Malfunctioning Thermostat

  • Too Noisy Furnace (Mechanical Problem)

No Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is an important thing otherwise they start to show problems, like low efficiency in working, no/stopped working, leaks, etc. It is good to have a yearly maintenance check through the heating furnace repair service so that the forthcoming problems can be eradicated.

Boiler Leak Issue

Boiler leak is another common problem that a furnace face. Despite the age, there can be many causes behind this trouble. Many professional furnace companies have pre-installed emergency breaker that in case of boiler leak, immediately turns off the furnace. But if your furnace does not have the feature then it is reflective to consult our 24 hour furnace repair services.

Broken Heat Exchanger

A broken heat exchanger is also the root cause behind a faulty furnace. They are dangerous especially when the furnace is in operation. If you smell a specific odour similar to formaldehyde that is most likely because of a broken heat exchanger. This is a serious problem; it can start a fire and the carbon monoxide can spread in the house. If you notice this, consult our advanced gas furnace repair or heater repair services right away!

Pilot Control Problems

Pilot control in a gas furnace is responsible for igniting and controlling the pressure of the flame under the boiler. If the pilot malfunctions then this can cause harm, might result in failure of the thermostat and continuous heating of the house at an exponential rate. If you can’t control the level of furnace operation, then do consult our 24 hour HVAC repair in Citrus Heights to eliminate the trouble.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

A thermostat is the main element in maintaining a lukewarm temperature with efficiently increasing and decreasing the operativity of gas furnace just same as in electric one. A malfunctioning thermostat can disrupt the whole environment and work of a gas furnace.

If your furnace is okay but not working accurately then the thermostat might be the cause, check the date & time, the desired temperature, or try replacing the cells, if still it is working then furnace repair services are here for you!

Too Noisy Furnace (Mechanical Problem)

If your furnace is making too much noise or vibration then this might be because of a mechanical problem. Mechanical problems are always technical and they need professional furnace repair service. It is tough to eradicate these types of troubles with DIY methods. If you were already googling “gas furnace repair near me” then rest assured, you have landed in the right place. We provide proficient gas and oil furnace repair in Citrus Heights.

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