AC Condenser Repair in Fair Oaks

The condenser unit is the heart of the AC system. central air conditioning system is surely essential in keeping the temperature of the surrounding environment at an optimal temperature. The ac condenser collects or releases heat depending on the weather. In summary days, the condenser condenses the refrigerant into liquid form and it converts into vapors when it reaches the ac unit, thus the airflow around the coil carries the coolness into the room environment, and the cycle continues. The unit shows problems if not maintained frequently, the AC condenser repairing team can eradicate the problem right away!

AC Fan Motor Repair

AC fan motor is responsible for the flow of air. If it stops working the ac fan motor repair is necessary otherwise the AC system will not work properly. The common problems behind the faulty AC fan motor include; lack of power supply, rusted coiling, water leading to short circuit, an obstacle in the rotating shaft. The best way to deal with it by calling our aluminum condenser coil repair experts. The typical ac unit fan motor replacement cost at Fixurs is economical so there won’t be any burden on your pocket.

AC Condenser Leaking

Ever considered yourself waking up suffocated because of the warm temperature in the house. AC condenser coil leak can make the air conditioner stop working thus leading to heated room temperature. There are many causes behind the AC condenser leakage, the most common of them are discussed below:

  • Condenser Coil Leak Repair

  • Condenser Coil Replacement

  • Condenser Water Leakage

  • Broken Condensate Pan

  • AC Condenser Air Filter

  • Dirty/Clogged Air Filter

Condenser Coil Leak Repair

Condenser coil leak is the most common cause of AC condenser leakage. The coil consists of Freon (refrigerant) and it is the main element in the whole working (heating and cooling) by the AC unit. If refrigerant leaks away to a great extent then the AC drops working. ac condenser repair cost is not too much with our company. We offer this service on an economical budget; our team will fix the coil from the site it is leaking.

Condenser Coil Replacement

If the coil is not fixed with some extra seal and it is still leaking, thus you go through the whole aluminum condenser coil repair service. Then, there will be no leak at all, but the condenser coil replacement cost is a bit more than just fixing it! Call now for our ac condenser repair services right away to fix this culprit!

Condenser Water Leakage

The water leakage is another problem a condenser commonly faces. There can be different causes behind the leakage; it might be because of a broken condensate pan, broken drainage hose, clogged drain hose, etc. If you spot a puddle of water around the condenser then do call our ac condenser leak repair or ac condenser repair service!

Broken Condensate Pan

A broken condensate pan ac unit is another culprit for water leakage in the AC outdoor unit. The condensate pan is located below your water coil. If there is leakage that might be because of a clog in the coil or hose. The algae and fungus are hosted in the coil or hose that transfers the water to the condensate pan ac unit and if the condensate pan is broken because of rust then this can lead to the main leakage from the condensate pan. Our AC condenser repair in Fair Oaks is the best way to deal with it.

AC Condenser Air Filter

AC condenser also drops working because of an air filter. There are very few models that have air filters installed in the AC outdoor unit but if you’ve noticed that the AC is not cooling then the AC condenser air filter might be the cause. Consult our AC condenser repair service to eradicate the problem and increase the working of your AC unit.

Dirty/Clogged Air Filter

After some time of use, the air filter of the AC outdoor unit can become clogged/dirty might be because of dust or fungus. The clogged air filter can also be the main culprit behind the water leakage from the ac condenser unit. If you have spotted a leak or dirty filter, consult us for the best repair service experts.

AC Condenser Replacement Cost

If your condenser is facing problems and ac condenser repair is not enough for it, then you might call for ac condenser replacement. It would be best if you call an experienced professional otherwise the installation can be inaccurate. The typical ac condenser replacement cost is not much expensive at Fixurs but still, it depends on various factors.


The model of the ac condenser variates the costs. It is evident that newer and luxury models are pricier than simple ones.

Installation Site:

The place where the AC condenser needs to be installed also matters in the cost, if the place is low and easy to reach then it would be cheaper than the place that is high and tough reach like upper floors.


The size of the AC condenser unit matters the most in costs. An AC condenser unit for a 1-ton AC system will cheaper than a 2-ton model.